International Council on Large Electric Systems

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EVENT PRESENATION:- CIGRE Study Committee (SC) B1 Meeting and International Colloquium on H.V. Insulated Cables. Click Here to Download All

1. Introduction WG AORC B1 13th Meeting New Delhi, India Click to View

2. Report on WG AORC B1-12th Meeting, Bangkok, Thailand Click to View

3. CIGRE SC B1 Activities 2016-17 "Insulated Cables" Click to View

4. Condition Assessment and  Diagnoistic Method to Support Assest  Management of MV Cable Networks Click to View

5. TF B1.62 "Updating  of TBs for EHVDC and  UHDVC Cable System" China Prospective Click to View

6. CIGRE WG B1.54 Update- Behaviour of Cable Systems under large disturbances Click to View

7. Implementation of Long Length HV and EHV AC Cables links Click to View

8. Australia & New Zealand Report B1 Study Committee and AORC Meeting Click to View

9. Current EHV Products and Cable R&D in China Click to View

1. AORC Administrative Meeting Photographs 09-10-2017Click to Download
2. Tutorial Photographs 12-10-2017Click to Download
3. Conference Photographs 13-10-2017Click to Download
4. Conference Photographs 14-10-2017Click to Download