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International Council on Large Electric Systems

Aim & Objectives

The aims and objectives for which the committee is set up are as under:

To implements and promote objectives of the International Conference on Large High Voltage Electric System (CIGRE) and per take in its activities, which include:
  • The interchange of technical knowledge and information between all countries in the general field of electricity generation and transmission at high voltage with emphasis on

    • (i)the electrical aspects of electricity generations.

    • (ii)the construction and operation of substations and transformer station and their associated equipments.

    • (iii) the construction, insulation and operation of high voltage electric lines;

    • (iv) the interconnections of system and the operation and protection of interconnected systems;
Associated Bodies
World Water Council International Society for Rock Mechanics (INDIA) AITES World Tunnel Congress International Association on Electricity Generation, Transmission and Distribution International Geosynthetics Society (India). Society of Power Engineers (India) International Council on Large Electric Systems International Association for Small Hydro International Water Resources Association International Commission on Large Dams