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Governing body

Organisational Set Up

I. The Committee – General Body

The members shall be composed of all the CIGRE members from all over India. these shall be i) Individual Members; ii) Collective Members; iii) Honorary members; in addition, all the Executive committee members (Power) of CBIP will also be the member of the committee in exiofficio capacity.

General Body will be the policy making body. It will meet once in two years to elect the office bearers and lay down the policy for the Committee for the ensuing two years. The Secretariat of the Committee shall keep all the members posted with financial as well as technical progress made on yearly basis. One third of the total members of the Committee will be treated as quorum at the event of The Committee (General Body) meeting for which 14 days notice is necessary. If there is no quorum, the meeting shall be adjourned by one hour. No quorum is required for adjourned meeting. The model of election will be by raising hands or secret ballot paper as decided by General Body.

Office Bearers

The Committee will have the following office bearers:

  • President
  • Vice-Presidents
  • Secretary & Treasurer

Of these, the Vice-President (P) Central Board of Irrigation & Power will be one of the Vice-Presidents of The Committee for CIGRE in ex-officio capacity. Similarly the Member Secretary, CBIP will be the Ex-Officio Secretary & Treasurer of the Committee.

The President and the Second Vice-President will be elected by the Committee – the General Body.

II. Governing Council

The Governing Council shall constitute of the following office bearers for day to day administrative decisions:

President - 1
Vice-Presidents - 3
Secretary & Treasurer - 1
Members - 3-9

  • One Member representing Individual Member

  • Two Members representing Collective Members

The minimum strength of the Governing Council will be 7 and maximum 13.

Functions of Governing Council

The Governing Council will meet not less than 2 times in a year.

  • The Governing Council will take all day to day administrative decisions like participation in the various activities of CIGRE, selection of papers for symposium, workshops, seminars and conferences of CIGRE

  • The Governing Council will constitute technical sub-committees on the subjects dealt by CIGRE study committees. The Indian representative of CIGRE study committees shall be the chairman of the concerned sub-committee

  • The quoram for meetings of the Governing Council will be one-third of its members at the meeting of the Governing Body shall be called by notice of 10 days. If there is no quorum, the meeting will be adjourned by one hour. no quoram is registered for adjourned meeting.

  • The President of the Committee will be the President of the Governing Council & Secretary & Treasurer of the Committee will be its Secretary. Joint Secretary (PS), Ministry of Power & Vice-President (Power), CBIP will be the Vice-President of Governing Council in Ex-officio capacity

The Powers and Functions on the Office Bearers of The Governing Body:


The President of the Committee, selected by the General Body, shall be the President of the Governing Council. The term of office shall be of two years. The President shall be responsible for the overall functioning of the Committee and the Governing Council. He shall exercise such power as may be delegated by the Committee. In the absence of the President, the Senior most Vice-President shall perform the duties of the President, or in their absence, second Vice-President will function as a President and in their absence the members present shall appoint a Chairman from amongst themselves to preside over that meeting.

4.2. Secretary & Treasurer

The Secretary & Treasurer shall be Chief Executive of the Committee and shall be responsible in executing the decisions of the General Body, Governing Council and the President. He shall be responsible for the day to day administration. He shall report matters of administration to the President from time to time. He shall prepare and submit to the General Body after close of each year, an annual report on the activities of the Committee.

As Treasurer, he shall be responsible for maintaining accounts for the income and expenditure of the Committee and shall be accountable to the President.

All the above posts are of honorary nature and will be Ex-Officio.

The vacancies of the members will be filled up by the coopting the members for the rest of the period.

Technical Sub-Committees

The 8 Technical Sub-Committees, as constituted by the Governing Council, will meet 2 or 3 times in a year, as and when necessary, keeping in view the requirements of CIGRE or problems of National interest. The sub-committee will be the shadow committees of the CIGRE Study Committees.

The sub-committees will ensure expert collaboration within the country, to support the concerned study group members.

The sub-committees will assist in keeping the ‘Committee’ members informed of the activities of the concerned Study Committees and of developments of particular interest arising in the Sessions.

Associated Bodies
World Water Council International Society for Rock Mechanics (INDIA) AITES World Tunnel Congress International Association on Electricity Generation, Transmission and Distribution International Geosynthetics Society (India). Society of Power Engineers (India) International Council on Large Electric Systems International Association for Small Hydro International Water Resources Association International Commission on Large Dams